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About Us


We are a team of multicultural experienced developers

We started our journey with a team of two and it has now grown into a team of multicultural experienced developers, designers and WordPress lovers from all around the world.

We essentially resort to what our amazing customers demand in the first place and then experience and research gathered from WordPress world.
The climax of ease in applicability of our products and beauty and simplicity in our designs have always inspired us to move even further.

We have created the most advanced WordPress theme of all called “Kata” adapting the same guidelines by which we have been moving forward for the past few years.


“Let’s not wait for the opportunity, Just step ahead and create it with HRvend.”


Your Partner in Transformative HR Solutions

At HRVend, we envision a future where HR processes are not just efficient but transformative. As a pioneering force in HR technology, we are committed to redefining the way businesses manage their human capital. Our innovative solutions seamlessly integrate cutting-edge technology, artificial intelligence, and intuitive design to elevate every aspect of HR management.

“First impressions always matter”

Who We Are

We always attempt to enhance our new employee onboarding experience. We are really passionate when new starters join the team. We want new candidates to not only have a really great experience but also to feel as though they’re ready to contribute to our team as soon as possible. With Hrvend, you can deliver memorable first-day experiences, and onboard new hires within a matter of minutes, rather than taking several days.


Our Mission

We are on a mission to revolutionize HR processes, making them not just streamlined but strategic contributors to organizational success. Through our dynamic suite of solutions, we aim to empower HR professionals, business leaders, and employees alike, fostering an environment of efficiency, engagement, and growth.

Why HRVend


Embrace the future of HR with our forward-thinking, AI-enabled solutions.


Streamline your HR processes and elevate your workforce management.


Tailor our solutions to fit the unique needs and dynamics of your organization.


Trust HRVend to keep you on the right side of regulatory requirements.


Award Winning from business evaluation organizations


We are a team of multicultural experienced developers

We are a team of multicultural experienced developers and designers. We have taken the time to choose veterans and young go-getters for this venture to assure our clients needs can be met on all front. 

  • Veteran developers are prepared for any challenge
  • Team of experts consult you
  • We stand by your side from the beginning to end
  • We focus on your target audience
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