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Hrvend Recruitment  Management


How Recruitment Management system works in HRVEND

HRVend Recruitment Section – your gateway to a smarter, more efficient hiring process. With our state-of-the-art AI-enabled HR solution developed by Pinetech IT Solutions, we've redefined recruitment, providing a seamless experience from job posting to candidate selection.


Response Tracking

Shortlisting for Interviews

Interview Scheduling & Communication

Collect Interview Responses

Next Level Interview Management

Tag and

Job Posting

Effortlessly create and publish job postings with HRVend. Our user-friendly interface allows you to showcase your openings to a wide talent pool, ensuring that you attract the best candidates for your organization. This also help to integrate with third party website to post and collect feeds.

Response Tracking

Stay organized with our intuitive response tracking system. HRVend enables you to manage and monitor candidate responses in real-time, providing a centralized hub for all applicant data.

Shortlisting for Interviews

Identify the most promising candidates efficiently with our advanced shortlisting feature. HRVend empowers you to filter and select candidates who align perfectly with your organization's requirements.

Interview Scheduling and Communication

Seamlessly schedule interviews and communicate with candidates through HRVend. Our integrated platform ensures effective and timely communication, keeping both recruiters and candidates in the loop throughout the hiring process.

Collect Interview Responses from Both Parties

Gather comprehensive feedback from both interviewers and candidates in one centralized location. HRVend simplifies the feedback collection process, providing valuable insights to make informed decisions.

Moving to Next Level Interview / Rejection Listing / Selection List

Efficiently progress through the hiring stages with HRVend. Move candidates to the next level, manage rejection listings, and create selection lists effortlessly. Our platform adapts to your workflow, ensuring a smooth and well-organized recruitment process.

Tag and Keep Entire Responses for Future Reference

Never lose track of valuable information. HRVend allows you to tag and archive entire responses, creating a rich database for future reference. Whether it's for compliance, analysis, or future recruitment, your data is securely stored and easily accessible.

Elevate your recruitment experience with HRVend

The AI-enabled HR solution that transforms the way you hire. Join the ranks of forward-thinking organizations who leverage our comprehensive recruitment module to build their dream teams. Discover efficiency, transparency, and innovation in every aspect of your hiring process with HRVend.