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Payroll Management


Payroll Management Solutions

Welcome to HRVend's Payroll Management Solution, where payroll processing becomes a seamless and efficient experience. Our platform combines advanced automation with user-friendly features to handle every aspect of payroll, from leave data analysis and incentive calculations to reimbursement processing. With HRVend, enjoy automated payroll generation, accompanied by the flexibility of manual admin finetuning. Stay compliant effortlessly as we take care of statutory requirements such as PF, PT, ESI, and more. Experience a new standard in payroll excellence – welcome to HRVend, where payroll management is simplified, accurate, and compliant.

Leave Data



Automated Payroll

Manual Admin Finetuning

Statutory Compliance

Leave Data Analysis

  • Gain valuable insights into employee leave patterns with HRVend's Leave Data Analysis. Effortlessly track and manage leave balances to ensure accurate payroll calculations.

Incentive Calculations

  • Maximize motivation and reward employee performance by seamlessly integrating incentive calculations into your payroll process. HRVend ensures accurate and transparent incentive disbursements.

Reimbursement Calculations

  • Simplify expense reimbursements with HRVend's Reimbursement Calculations. Streamline the process, ensuring accuracy and transparency in all financial transactions.

Automated Payroll Generation

  • Say goodbye to manual payroll headaches. HRVend automates the entire payroll generation process, saving time and reducing the risk of errors. Enjoy hassle-free, efficient payroll runs every time.

Manual Admin Finetuning

  • Maintain control and flexibility with HRVend's Manual Admin Finetuning. Easily make adjustments and fine-tune payroll details to align with unique business requirements and employee situations.

Statutory Compliance (PF, PT, ESI, etc.)

  • Stay compliant effortlessly with HRVend handling statutory requirements such as Provident Fund (PF), Professional Tax (PT), Employee State Insurance (ESI), and more. Ensure your organization adheres to all legal obligations seamlessly.

Elevate your recruitment experience with HRVend

HRVend's Payroll Management Solution redefines the payroll process, bringing efficiency, accuracy, and compliance to the forefront. Elevate your payroll experience with a platform that goes beyond basic calculations, providing a holistic solution for payroll excellence. Welcome to a new era of payroll management with HRVend!