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Employee Onboarding Module

First impressions always matter

We always attempt to enhance our new employee onboarding experience. We are really passionate when new starters join the team. We want new candidates to not only have a really great experience but also to feel as though they’re ready to contribute to our team as soon as possible. With Hrvend, you can deliver memorable first-day experiences, and onboard new hires within a matter of minutes, rather than taking several days.

Hold hands with Hrvend, We give you the best onboarding experience ever

Onboarding, not only does it set for an employee’s experience amid the course of their career in the company. The best onboarding experience is connected with a lot of other things like quicker ramp-up time, longer tenure, higher job satisfaction and increased job performance.

Onboarding is also one of the key parts of an employee’s journey at HrVend where we can begin to create a truly empowering employee experience.

Let the flight to your career board with Hrvend


Employee documentation

Employee Documentation helps HR Managers and their departments to capture and associate documents with employees in a digital format, which removes the demand for physical document storage and manual collation and file searching. Documentation integrates easily with other business systems, such as HR and Payroll applications.

  • We create a checklist, so that you’re completely set for your new starter’s first day. Checklist confirms that you perform “best practices” in terms of policies, procedures, manuals and documents sent to the joining candidate. We create multiple checklists to all the tasks. This is done to hire and retain best employees and motivate them to superior performance. These checklist templates may vary based on different departments.
  • We then automatically receive the documents from the particular candidates and uploads them.
  • Auto Checklist update and status reminder: Hrvend automatically checks the checklist, compares the joining formalities and reminders are sent concerning the status and further requirements.
  • Verification and approval by HR manager: All the above formalities will be verified and approved by the HR manager.
  • A welcome email is sent by Hrvend to the appropriate employee regarding the joining time and the details of the first person to contact.



We go through the process of induction where new employees learn and adapt to the standards and expectations of the organization to quickly get maximum productivity. Effective inductions are timely, organized and engaging, and give a good first impression. They motivate new starters, make an organization’s mission and vision for them, and educate them about the company’s history, culture and values.

A. First Day

You’ve favored Hrvend as your new solution, which is really exciting for us!

We utilize the first day to show you that we’re really happy to have you be part of us and that you have a great career ahead of you here and ultimately that you’ve made the right decision to join us. We give all the details on day 1 to the new hires to have a seamless onboarding experience


Hrvend sends a welcome and introduction email to both the joinee as well as the existing employees about the new hire.


Assigning department and first contact person:  Now here, the employees will be assigned to their specific departments and will be assigned with the first contact person.


Induction about duties and responsibilities, Do and Don’t:  We start with the basics. We do not put everything into a one-hour session. People become productive faster if they understand the fundamentals of their jobs first. We aim on the why, when, where, and how of the position before you are given any assignments or projects. Everything related to your duties, responsibilities, do’s and don’ts are shared to you.


Employee code generation on completing all documentation processes and approval from HR: Employee code is an identification code given to the employee to identify him/her using the unique number that is assigned to them. After completing all the documentation process an employee code is generated to the employee and will be approved by the HR. HRVend comprises an approval system.


First week feedback and review: Make sure that the candidates fully understand work practices, policies and appropriate behavior. Hrvend keeps records and will be seen on employee profile and company feedback review section.

A.First Month

First Month Feedback and review: By now, you’ll know whether an employee requires any further on-the-job or formal training. We make sure that it is organized quickly. Feedbacks and reviews can be rated. Hrvend keeps records and will be seen on employee profile and company feedback review in one section.

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